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Yunyi Dai
NPR Next Generation Radio
Emily Connor is a bird watcher, an environmental educator, and a frontline witness to the effects of climate change. The threat of severe flooding is endangering the habitat at her bird sanctuary, and that’s making her work all the more urgent.
Every weekday morning, in about 10 minutes, you can learn about the top stories of the day while also hearing longer stories that bring context and humanity to the issues and ideas that affect life in the region.
Special Report
 Addisyn Hopgood, dressed in a pink puffy coat and matching Converse shoes, soars while swinging outside her home on a yellow swing
Brian Munoz
St. Louis Public Radio
More Black parents in the U.S. and Missouri are choosing to teach their kids on their own terms. This new podcast from St. Louis Public Radio explores why Black families in the St. Louis region are choosing to home-school, how they are managing to do it and what the kids think about it.